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10 Top Influential People in Tech “From My Perspective”

Number 10
Christopher Mallick

This gentleman may not be a household name however according to some; if you’ve ever purchase anything online you can thank Christopher Mallick. The technology to make credit card transactions over the Internet is attributed to Christopher Mallick

Now there a few reasons why Christopher Mallick may not appear in many top of anything lists. One of which is because that technology created by Christopher Mallick to facilitate credit card transactions over the Internet was created for the sole purpose of allowing people to purchase pornography, over the Internet.
In 2009 a movie titled Middle Men was released which covers Mr. Mallick’s technological achievements.

Number 9
Mario Armstrong

Although he really needs no introduction his webpage bio does a fine job. Mario Armstrong is many different things: TV host, media personality, motivational speaker, public servant, and social entrepreneur.

Before his career as a media personality, Armstrong worked in the tech industry for more than twelve years and was the first Chief Technology Officer of Baltimore City for then Mayor, Martin O’Malley. Armstrong also served as IT Director for the State of Maryland’s Tourism Department. Additionally, Armstrong was one of six people chosen from the United States to be part of a Technology Delegation and meet with tech entrepreneurs in Seoul, South Korea, to discuss new international business partnerships.
Through his #neversettleclub Mario achieves his mission in life which is to better people’s lives by educating them on how to use technology to enhance their personal and professional lives. Armstrong translates technology for both the public and businesses audiences, as well as for tech enthusiasts and non-tech audiences alike.

Number 8

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson
While 50 Cent usually appears higher on other lists such top rappers or music charts he is listed here due to his business savvy specifically in the technological arena.
After realizing Facebook was generating enormous amounts of revenue, 50 decided to launch his own social network. allows people to create profiles and share content but 50 Cent has direct access to the site’s users and their e-mail addresses. Looks as if someone realized the value of “Big Data”.

Number 7


Chris “Broadway” Romero
Chris Romeo makes the list as he is credited for brining 50 Cent’s technological ideas to fruition. At one time known as 50’s “Ghost coder” (a hip hop / rap reference that may be lost on some), Mr. Romero is actually the co-founder of and the founder & CEO of B Way Creative Studios.
Chris Romero is the personification of excellently blending artistic creativity and technology. He is a creative genius.

Number 6
Omar Wasow

Before Facebook and Twitter, there was My Space and prior to My Space Omar Wasow created Black Planet.

Black Planet was created as an African-American social networking service for matchmaking and job postings.
Originally the Black Planet platform also hosted forums for discussion on political and social issues.
Black Planet was launched on September 1, 2001 by Omar Wasow. Mr. Wasow In 1995 was proclaimed by Newsweek as one of the “50 most influential people to watch in cyberspace.” (WOW, remember that term). Omar Wasow also introduced Oprah Winfrey to electronic mail (e-mail) on her television show.
This guy is super cool.

Number 5
Jayfus Doswell

Photo of Jayfus Doswell

Ok so you may be seeing some sort of reoccurring theme here. A few of these top 10 “listers” are from my home town Baltimore. Hopefully, I did mention that this list the top 10 influential people in technology is from perspective.

In 1997 Jayfus Doswell discussed the implications of virtual reality learning technology in Black Issues in Higher Education. Dr. Doswell created Juxtopia LLC and the Juxtopia Group, Inc. to design and develop products to integrate into human daily routines and provide services that can improve human health and learning.
Bridging education and technology is amazing.

Number 4

Linus Benedict Torvalds

So a lot of folks who arenot tech nerds and or geeks may not be familiar with or know anything about Mr. Torvalds. Well allow me to introduce you to Linus Torvalds, the principal force and creator behind the development of the Linux kernel.

Linus Torvalds initially conceived and created the Linus Kernel in1991 for his personal computer and with no cross-platform intentions. Since then the kernel has expanded to support a huge array of computer architectures. Developers and programmers have from around the globe have adapted code from other free software projects for use with the Linux Kernel and the Linux operating system.
The most absolute true reason why Linus Torvalds is on my top 10 list of influential people in technology, he created a path of open source ware which made website hosting and server technology affordable and available to me.
While Mr. Torvalds may not have had a young Black American kid in mind when he created the Linux kernel, at a time when other operating systems and solution were not in my price range open source was something I could acquire and build upon.
As a matter of fact, you are accessing information right which is being hosted from a Linux server.
Thank you Linus.
William Danney

Number 3

Bill Gates

How the (insert your favorite curse word here) could Bill Gate not be on any list that has anything even remotely to do with technology. The man is a technological giant.
Of course like anyone else I could say so much about Bill Gates however you’ve more than likely heard or read it all before.
The most important reason why Mr. Gates is on my list is because somewhere between computer programing and becoming the richest man on the planet Earth as well as being the most lo loved or hated upon technologist all over the globe Bill Gates made being a nerd cool.

Number 2

Steven Jobs,dpr_1.0,g_face,h_300,q_80,w_300/MTE5NDg0MDU0NTIzODQwMDE1.jpg

Steve Jobs was awesome. If you have not read his official biography, I highly recommend that you do so.
Steve is on my list mainly for two reasons.

I perceived him as being a challenging person to get along with and to befriend. I get that. All humans have inner demons we must confront and battle. For some of us these internal battles can go on much longer than they should and then stretch out into wars that ravage and destroy pieces of our very soul. These wars can create and leave behind collateral damage in the form of how we communicate our ideas and share our thoughts with other humans. This can create the perception of a person as being difficult, rude or antisocial. To overcome these wars, repair the damage and preparing for the next all the while summoning and collecting the personal resources to still be human and coexist with other human is a challenge alone. I did not know Steve Jobs however I know and understand that challenge.
Steve Job was not a programmer. Steve was an artist and designer along with a technologist. He brought his style and the embodiment of all that he was into the world of technology and blended these ingredients with excellence. .

Number 1
CEO William HopsonWilliam Hopson


CEO William Hopson

William Hopson is one of my mentors in life and technology.

Between 1999 and 2000 “Hop” hired and trained at his expense 34 socially disadvantaged youth. He worked with them closely on a major 16,000 desktop installations project at Health Care Federal Administration (HCFA) now CMS that was located in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Baltimore.
On the corner of North Avenue and Eutaw, West Baltimore, USA, in what could most appropriately be described as “the hood” there is a building. This building is a technological wonder for so many reasons. The most important reason however is the fact that this building and the type of business it facilitates even exists in this section of West Baltimore. This building is the operating headquarters of ICETECH.
Ladies and gentlemen please allow me to introduce you to William Hopson the creator and CEO of ICETECH.



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