December 4, 2021 | 5:44 pm

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Apple’s Force Touch Technology

Gamers and digital artist get ready to rejoice. There’s talk that Apple’s Force Touch technology may be implemented into the next I Phone.

Apple announced “Force Touch” at its recent Spring Forward event. Other announcements included, a new 12 inch MacBook, an updated MacBook Air and of course the new famed Apple watch.

The Force Touch technology allows a touch screen device to gage sensitivity.

The new MacBook has Force Touch integrated into the touchpad. On the surface the touchpad look the same however the new technology introduces a new two way tactile exchange allowing the user to communicate instructions to the MacBook by pressing harder or softer.  The MacBook’s trackpad has four force sensors that can detect clicks anywhere on its surface. Traditional trackpad are more restricted.

“Force Touching” will reportedly allow the user the ability to click on a word while pressing the trackpad to call definitions. Adding pressure to the trackpad can also vary the speed when playing media.

The Apple Watch uses Force Touch with the device’s flexible Retina display. Pressing the screen will bring up controls for different apps like Messages, Music, and Calendar.

So it’s likely if Apple is to carry Force Touch over to the new iPhone, newer phone models will sport a similar flexible display.

Apple has called Force Touch “the most significant new sensing capability since Multi‑Touch”.

Personal Note: I am excited to see how the Force Touch technology will implemented on the new IPhones for a few reasons.

One the idea of a flexible larger screen is super cool and reminiscent of the conceptual devices from the movie Red Planet.

Second, as a mobile app developer and a digital artist I am very curious to know how we can integrate Force Touch into applications to sense things how hard to press the screen to indicate shadowing or darkening of lines sketched.

Third, as I think about gaming, finally pressing the controller button harder at long last will actually mean something more than very visibly displaying my frustration. Now, if we can only integrate this tech with the technology in those alarm clocks made to throw at a wall to turn off, my gaming experience will be even more enjoyable.

Of course as a Google Android developer, I am more anxious for when Apple will share the technology.


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