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Satya Nadella | A New Kind of Cool

Satya Nadella | A New Kind of Cool

I like Microsoft. My feelings for the company are derived from a few different areas of interest.

  • Bill Gates

The man is a technological giant.

Of course like anyone else I could say so much about Bill Gates however you’ve more than likely heard or read it all before.

Somewhere between computer programming and becoming the richest man on the planet Earth as well as being the most loved or hated upon technologist all over the globe Bill Gates made being a nerd cool.

  • Enterprise | Small Office

Microsoft has established such a substantial foothold at the enterprise level for providing technology solutions. I used the term “level” as opposed to market to help bring awareness to the fact that Microsoft provides high performance solutions to large companies, small businesses as well as home users.

This is important because while there are many solution providers that offer technology which has been specifically developed, created and designed for large clients and customers, a large price tag is usually associated with these types of products.

Microsoft however has been able to offer enterprise kevel products to both small and home based businesses. One method they have used to accomplish is to offer a scaled down versions of their high end solutions.

Mobile is the Future | the Future is Now

There is not a lot of argument that can be had when discussing that Microsoft has been behind in the mobile device market. From phones to tablets and other mobile device that comes to mind, Microsoft is usually the third or fourth business entity to be talked about if at all.

This is a signifi9cent issue for the most obvious reason, if your product does support mobile or is not available on mobile devices, in many cases it will simply not be used, seen, noticed or possibly even heard of.

Clearly, Microsoft won the “Home computer “battle via licensing, pricing and partnerships. However through fighting to gain more of a foothold in mobile markets, Microsoft has been out smarted, under priced and bested by the marketing campaigns of competitors.

Oh and of course let’s not forget, many products that have been associated with the Microsoft brand have truly “sucked”, that’s a technical term by the way. From portable music players and mobile phones to crappy manufactured tablets and other devices that have actually paved the way, depending on how you look it, to today’s mobile technology dominated world.

Satya is not abandoning Windows. He’s said, “We have bigger hopes, higher aspirations for Windows. We want to move from people needing Windows to choosing Windows, to loving Windows. That is our bold goal”.


Satya Nadella | A New Kind of Cool |

Tablets and Mobile Phones

Today when people think mobile phones and tablets, most we think Apple, Android, Amazon and then maybe Microsoft or Windows. While the IPAD is arguably still the tablet on the market, it is a tablet. A tablet is not a desktop or laptop replacement.

Those of us who require more robust tools to build, develop, program, compose, design etc. are still in pursuit of even more powerful desktop and laptop computers.

With that said, Microsoft has made some impressive moves within the last 2 years, particularly starting February 2014 by appointing Satya Nadella as CEO.

One of the many accomplishments credited to Satya is the relapse of the Surface Pro 3. This latest release has truly bridged the tablet and laptop. With the ability to run Office on a tablet while having the functionality of a powerful laptop, Microsoft is making a good run to establish its foothold in mobile device markets.

Satya Nadella was appointed Microsoft’s CEO on February 4th 2014. Satya succeeded Steve Ballmer. Before becoming CEO of Microsoft, Satya was Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group. He was responsible for building and running the company’s Computing Platforms, Developer Tools and Cloud Computing. This may help to explain his forward thinking toward cloud services and mobile computing.

Satya has been busy in the last 12 months. He has moved Office 365 to becoming a robust enterprise level functioning service as well as good looking piece of sophisticated cloud and mobile software.

As mentioned earlier, part of Microsoft’s magic has been its ability to offer enterprise level products to small businesses and home users. Satya moves to make Office 365 available to both Android and IPhone users, for free is for sure keeping that very appreciated lever of service active.

We can also attribute Satya with moving the XBOX forward and potentially into the mobile device arena.

Mobile First, Cloud First

Satya Nadella’s approach and vision is “Mobile first, Cloud First” meaning the Microsoft has moved away from a classic desktop software provider to more modern and future forward company offering cloud services to an ever increasing platform-agnostic global user base.

Mr. Nadella is leading the company to put Microsoft products on every platform which is awesome.

Personally speaking, Microsoft played a very significant and integral part in my career. With the advent of more affordable computers made available via Microsoft products, I was able to access powerful tools and resources which help be learn, apply what I learned and begin building tools of my own.

I am very happy to know that Satya Nadella is continuing to build Microsoft to be in a position of helping people empower themselves via learning, programing and developing.

This is in complete harmony with the vison and mission of Danntech.

Thank you,

William Danney


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