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Top Ten Differences between Star Trek and Star Wars

Top Ten Differences between Star Trek and Star Wars

So someone asked a question that I haven’t heard in a while. Why is it, Star Trek people and Star Wars people have challenges getting alone with each other. While not being an expert on nerd to nerd relations, I am married to one those Star Wars people.

  1. Star Trek is more sci-fi than fantasy

Being a Star Trek n3rd, I am baffled at how “some people” can say Star Trek is boring. However over time I have realized that sentiment is based on the weighing fantasy and science fiction. The Star Trek universe is rooted in theory; quantum mechanics, relativity, time travel, string theory, etc. Science and science fiction theories are baked into the Star Trek culture. Star Trek nerds embrace that culture. We like to explore the “nuts and bolts” of how and why this is happening in a particular episode or movie. As the plot becomes more explanatory and descriptive the story becomes more interesting.

  1. Star Wars is more fantasy than sci-fi

Being married to a “Fan of fantasy”, I have learned to appreciate Star Wars. The plot is rich, the characters are exciting and the story is capturing. Reading Star Wars as a youngster, I remember feeling as if I was actually on the Melanin Falcon.  Grappling with the idea of how hyperspace worked would have gotten in the way of story.


  1. The Star Wars Legacy

Star Wars characters practically have genealogy that follows them through the stories. From Darth Vader, Luke and Leia to the aunt and uncle on farm, the Star Wars legacy unfolds and tells a rich story, a history.

  1. The Star Trek Universe

While in the Trek universe we do see some genealogy with Data and his “Family”, the stories and episodes of Star Trek are dynamic with core themes running through and linking all the story lines together

  1. The Force

This idea that all things are connected and have some relationship and relevance to one another is cool. However I think some Trek n3rds have challenges with how the Star Wars implements this idea.

  1. The Prime Directive

If the Prime Directive were made a part of the Star Wars story I have to wonder if these rules of conduct would be applied to the Jedi or the empire.

  1. Data

The Star Trek approach to androids demonstrates one of core differences between the Trek universe and Star Wars. Data is an android that of course is self-aware and thus struggles with the idea of life and being alive. While he is not anti-social, the character is socially awkward so we find Data in in some very interesting situations.

  1. C3PO AND R2D2

I truly enjoy the idea that there are so many different types of androids in the Star Wars story line. I do often wonder what type of dialogue would take place between Data and C3PO. I imagine Data would have more in depth conversations with R2D2.

  1. The Jedi

I think George Lucas and all writers involved with Star Wars have done an excellent job with the Jedi. We’ve seen these characters portrayed as both the social out casts as well as the center of all positive attention. Frankly, either way the story works well.

  1. Star Fleet

Star Fleet is one of the major pieces of the Star Trek universe. The idea that that groups of beings from all over the universe with different backgrounds and cultures can communicate and work together to share ideas and to educate each other based on truth.

Either way, if you’re more Star Wars or Star Trek we can all agree, these two story lines are iconic and captivating. Whether you’re more inclined to join Star Fleet academy or embrace the power of the force in Jedi training, regardless of how you may despise the empire or support the united federation of planets, we are all n3rds.

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William Danney.


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