Affiliate Programs?

My first "Group" question, do you see real value in website affiliate programs? Understanding, this is a broad question with so many different types of affiliate programs available, I figured the discussion has to start somewhere. There are possible affiliate program opportunities everywhere from Apple and GoDaddy to Amazon and Adobe. Also there are these services with free subscriptions which will grant a subscriber access to a host of companies offering affiliate programs. The subscription also gives you a one stop shop for managing all your affiliate programs.

While I've watched more than a few YouTube videos posted from web developers and web designers who say they've been able to become financially free through utilizing affiliate programs, I have yet to see firm evidence that this type of monetization is truly effective.

I figure one way to test the idea of creating wealth through affiliate programs is try it myself. I'm wondering if you've used this type of "advertising" for any of your sites.

I'm documenting and recording data from any affiliate program I use to compare with their pay for advertising counterparts such as Face Book, Google and of course Linked in.


Please share your thoughts. 


I found this article, relevant:


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William Danney

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