Credit Card Readers for Your Business

A credit card reader can be a very powerful tool and resource for your business. A credit card reader allows you to accept money and payments via mobile devices i.e. your phone or tablet. Most popular mobile credit card readers are device operating system agnostic so they’ll work with your Apple, Android or Windows device.


There are a few options available for credit card readers. Some of these options are proprietary solutions from banking institutions such as:

  • Bank of America’s Mobile Pay on Demand
  • Chase Bank’s Mobile Checkout
  • PNC’s First Data Mobile pay

Some other credit card reader solutions are not associated or tied to any banking institution such as:

  • Intuit GoPayment
  • Verifone’s Payware Mobile
  • Square
  • PayPal’s  PayPal Here


With respect given to traditional banking institutions, as many of us “New generation business” owners know, we must learn to adapt and become familiar with growing our businesses in nontraditional, unconventional and even unorthodox ways.

With that said, the focus of this article will be for those credit card readers that are not associated with any particular traditional banking institution.


Of these solutions, Square and PayPal are clearly the top choices. These two solutions have some key choices in common.

  • They both operate without some monthly fee
  • They both can process check and cash payments
  • They both use encrypted data transmission. This is important for safety of your customers and clients.


I personally recommend PayPal as the better solution. I will take some time to explain the differences between the Square and PayPal options and to tell you why I choose PayPal Here as the better solution.


PayPal for Your Business and Your Business’s Website


From a business point of view, if you own and / or operate a business you should have a website. If you have a website for your business, it is a very good idea to accept credit and debit cards and PayPal payments from your website.  Unfortunately for users of Square, Square does offer an e-commerce solution for your website. Square does offer the Square Market however this is market is not the same as offering your products and services from your website.  This alone would be the reason I recommend PayPal Here over Square.


Communication is key any relationship especially business relationships


If ever I need to contact PayPal, I call or e-mail their support team. I usually call. Within a few a few minutes someone answers my call and either provides me with a very good answer or connects me with another PayPal representative who can answer my question.


There is no Square customer service number, enough said. If I wanted to call Square and praise for their great customer service, that wouldn’t be possible as Square has no number for me to call.



More Money in Your Pocket


Square is more expensive than PayPal Here.  Granted, the difference is a very small percentage, we all know these small amounts can add up.


Access to Your Money


When you receive payment for your products or services via PayPal, you are immediately able to view and access these funds via your PayPal account.


Through Square, payments for your products and services will not be available for at least one business day.



Some Additional Thoughts


PayPal is the credit card reader I recommend for you and your business. There are other services and solutions offered by PayPal which helps them become a potential excellent partner for you and your business.


While PayPal will perform a credit check before activating your PayPal Here account, they will call and contact you to perform this check and you can call and contact them if you have any questions. Communication is key in business relationships.


If you have any questions about how to integrate PayPal into website or creating a solution which will allow to accept payments via the web, cloud or your mobile device please feel free to contact Danntech at 410.921.9157 or


Thank you,


William Danney







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